Xtreme VR


Xtreme Vr is ‘Xtremely’ fun and great to beat vertigo

Our immersive VR Spheres use a combination of motion, virtual reality and wind to make you feel like you are really there.
You can soar through the sky or dive the depths of the ocean in your very own private motion pod.
Our cutting-edge spheres can simulate 90% of a freefall.
Whether you want to ride or game, it is a truly unforgettable experience with over 20 titles to choose from.

*Our spheres should be suitable for most over the age of 6+ however staff discretion will still be used if a child is too small to ride or to fit our VR headsets.

No need to book , you can just walk in. (subject to availability)

Only £6 per go or £10 for 2.