Xtreme VR Arcade


5D Cinema and Spheres

Our 5D Cinema is a thrilling combination of 3D Movies, moving platforms and real effects including water, wind, smoke, and many more. Up to 4 people can use the cinema at any one time, which makes it a great activity for families and small groups. 

Our Spheres use a combination of motion, visual virtual reality, audio and wind to make you feel like you are really there! You can soar through the sky or dive the depths of the ocean – it is a truly unforgettable experience and you have plenty of titles to choose from.

5D cinema Experience £12 and Sphere Experience £8 

Combo Ticket (Sphere plus 5D Cinema) £10* 
*Opening offer only 

VR participants need to be at least 6 years old and have a height of 110cm (3’7″).