Safety Information

Safety rules

The biggest priority is the safety of our customers. We have a system of cameras and security for this activity. Our staff are trained to provide any assistance regarding first aid and resolve any unannounced.
Activities of the group of extreme sports, and as such may involve certain risks their practice. It is important that participants are aware of injuries involving activity in parks like this if they are not careful. All participants must understand and follow the rules. It is important to jump and perform tricks that your abilities will allow.

There are monitors trained professionals who can help you and teach correctly some jumps and tricks. Never try alone. Failure to obey the instructions of the monitors, breaking the rules and / or place / put at risk to you or the participants, the staff will punish you with a yellow or red card. You must leave the park immediately, unable to finish the session without money back option. It is up to the manager readmission to the slopes.


Instructions park.

  • Socks with grip are required during the time jump. They are sold at the reception. Enter the barefoot tracks is prohibited.
  • It must always be attentive to people already in the park, because they can produce hazardous situations and, in the worst cases, leave someone injured.
  • It is recommended, perform jumps in your abilities. Not perform new maneuvers without the supervision of a professional.
  • one person per trampoline is only allowed.
  • Try not to compete with the fellow next door. Each has its limits.
  • No pushing, chase or fight over trampolines.
  • Not scale networks.
  • Do not step on the safety pads.
  • Remove the accessories, jewelry and dangerous objects.
  • Do not wear a belt.
  • No cameras or recording with mobile trampolines.
  • It is not allowed to enter food or drink in the area of ​​activities.
  • Do not jump under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not fall on one foot. Always with both feet at once.


Standards for Air bag and jump platform

  • Just jump with feet, ass or back. Never thrown away or fall headfirst.
  • Make sure the pockets are empty.
  • Ensure that the air bag is free to jump.
  • Once down, quickly exit the air bag.
  • Follow the instructions in the monitor room all participants accept our rules and are aware of the risk and damage that may result.