Xtreme Toddlers

Xtreme Toddlers and Aged 10 and Under's!

Xtreme Toddlers and Aged 10 and Under sessions

Our Toddler sessions are for children aged 5 and under (there is no minimum age). They last for two hours and take place every weekday from 10am to midday during Term Time, at a cost of just £5 for the Toddler and £5 for the supervising Responsible Adult.

Your child will have the run of the park, without the fear of older kids or adults getting in their way and since it’s a two hour session there’s plenty of time to bounce and then relax in our mezzanine café.

During School Holidays and at weekends we run Aged 10 and Under sessions which Toddlers can enjoy with their older friends – Click Here to look at our Current Timetable .

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