Xtreme Toddlers

Xtreme Toddlers and Aged 10 and Under's!

Xtreme Toddlers and Aged 10 and Under sessions

Our Toddler sessions are for children aged 5 and under (there is no minimum age). They last for two hours and take place every weekday from 10am to midday during Term Time, at a cost of just £5 for the Toddler and £5 for the supervising Responsible Adult.

Your child will have the run of the park, without the fear of older kids or adults getting in their way and since it's a two hour session there's plenty of time to bounce and then relax in our mezzanine café.

And each Thursday, after the session finishes at midday, there will be a Hartbeeps performance on our Mezzanine, free for those children who attended the Aged 10 and Under session, with other children being able to join in by paying £2.50 at Reception.

Click Here to learn more about Hartbeeps.

During School Holidays and at weekends we run Aged 10 and Under sessions which Toddlers can enjoy with their older friends - Click Here to look at our Current Timetable .

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